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Zakhar - Remember

It’s been a difficult year. I think we’ve all had a challenging year (or two), and though collectively, we have shared some of the same obstacles during the pandemic, we’ve also experienced our own unique struggles and hardships. Personally, this year of my life has been one marked by loss, grief, uncertainty, fear, and frustration. It’s also been a year of starting over, triumph in adversity, a year of surrender, of stepping out in faith and trusting God. It’s been a year of walking a narrow road and asking God a lot of questions; most of which have yet to be answered. It’s been a year of tears and yet, a year of hope. It’s been a year I’d like to forget but know I never will.

This week, I had the privilege to sit with seven other women as we studied God’s word together and spoke of Jesus and how he lifted women up with Justice and Righteousness. As we explored the nuances of scripture and things we had never seen before in the layers of God’s Word, I was awe-struck with how much Jesus loves us and how much I still have to learn about Him. To know that He knows me, that He came to redeem me, to pay my debt, and to walk this life with me - is beyond words, and there is still so much more! I have only scratched the surface of knowing Him – and that brings me JOY. Unspeakable JOY.

In her study “Jesus and Women” Kristi McLelland notes; “We tend to have spiritual amnesia. We easily forget the things the Lord has done for us – His faithful record over the course of our whole lives. Instead, we remember our traumas, our hurts, the things that left us reeling, trying to catch our breath. We often forget the blessings – the beautiful things and the grace filled moments when the Lord has provided healing, restoration, redemption, grace, direction, or divine intervention. The Hebrew word zakhar means ‘to remember’(p 95)

Sometimes we get so caught up in the moments of our deepest disappointments and hurts that we take up residence there and forget all that God has already done for us. Isn’t it true, that we sometimes forget to remember His goodness and that He is not finished writing our story? Especially this time of year, when memories can be painful and open old wounds, we need to remember what God has done before and what He has promised us. We need to hold on… we need to zakhar (remember).

“We zakhar, so that we can step forward, because the same God that was faithful to be with us in the past is the God who will be faithful to be with us in a future that may seem unknown. “ – Kristi McLelland

Doesn’t it bring you JOY to know that in our moments of darkness, He is still for us? Even when things seem uncertain and maybe we can’t feel Him close, we know He is faithful. We’ve seen it before and we can count on it again. Zakhar - Remember.

Jesus tells his disciples in John 16:33 – “In this world you have trouble, but take heart! I have overcome the world!” Take heart, sister… for whatever trouble you are facing, Jesus is already redeeming what you’ve lost. Today remember His goodness and trust that He isn’t done. The story isn’t over.

Dear Lord, as we walk into this season that can be so hard for so many, help us remember that the season we face is also the celebration of the arrival of your Son - and our hope. Let us remember your goodnesss, your faithfulness, and the sacrifice made for us. Let us remember that we are loved beyond measure and that You are the source of our JOY. We thank You and love You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Note: Women in the Word runs Tuesday mornings and Thursday nights. If you are interested in all that we are learning and joining us, contact today to get info on our next session - or follow @springvalewomen on social media for details. New session starts end of January

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1 Comment

Jan 07, 2022

I am in a wasteland. Dry and lonely, cold and dark. Distant. Yet. I am also anchored. Steady and ready. Tethered to truth and love. Confident in who He is and that his hand is on us all, as He waits lovingly and patiently for us to choose and act.

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