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Another Challenge - STARTS JUNE 20TH!

This was me in 2020, as we started our second challenge! Join me in 2022 for challenge #3  

Join us for 40 days, as we PRAY

We will be starting Mark Batterson's "Draw the Circle Prayer Challenge" on June 20, 2022 
Get the book (link below)
(If you are enrolled in WOMEN IN THE WORD note:books are already ordered.)
Join the facebook page by clicking link below, OR if you don't have Facebook you can still join. Email LORI to register and have a daily email sent directly to your inbox
Each day you'll see a 2 minute video from Batterson highlighting the thoughts for that day.
At the end of each week you'll see a video by Lori with her "random musings" for the week.  



Each day at 7:14 am, in reference to the above scripture, we will pray.  If you can't commit to 7:14 am that's ok - just do what you can - the idea is to form a habit of praying, so that on day 41 you are still doing it, but collectively there is something special about all us praying at the same time!

"If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and forgive their sin and heal their land. "

-2 Chronicles 4:14

Get the book....

note: preview of first 10 chapters is available below

You can still do the challenge with us if you

do not have the book!   Content will post daily for

40 days on the facebook page, so you can still



Join the facebook page - 




Let's get PRAYING! 

Note if you are currently enrolled in Tuesday mornings "Women in the Word" - Do not order a book - I have some on order for the group.

Click image to go to Amazon link for book
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To preview the book - get a download of the first 10 chapters by clicking link here!

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